Indian Medallion
Indian amulet inv
Type Type
Effects enables carnby to get past the cursed tile and to reincarnate him when killed by the Elwood brothers.
Source Cell (Goal)
Indian medallion

The Indian medallion was an ancient talisman that belonged to the Majave Indians before they were slaughtered by Jed's men when he founded the town of Slaughter Gulch. This is an item from Alone in the Dark III.


The medallion can be found hidden in a rock which is inside the prison cell in the Slaughter Gulch Goal. It serves two important uses in the game. The first is that Carnby is able to get across a cursed tile in the same building without being harmed. The second use is to reincarnate Carnby as a mountain lion, to give him a chance to regain his human body when he was attacked by the Elwood Brothers. When Carnby is exploring the Bank and opens the Bank's vault, a Zombie would snatch the medallion and try to walk off with it


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