Issue of the Miner's Gazette
Miner's gazette
Type Newspaper
Source ???
Game(s) Alone in the Dark III

Miner's Gazette" was a newspaper that was found in one of the rooms of the Saloon at Slaughter Gulch. The same room where the Arizona Kid is located in.

Miner's gazette detail
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Inscription Edit


MINER'S GAZETTE, July 14th 1864
A year ago, the Arizona Kid was shot
in the back by pitiless Fast Jarrett
Since then, a legend spun by drunken
fools claims that the Kid returns
to haunt the spot where he was murdered
at midnight, during the vulture's song.

These fools and liars say the Kid's ghost
then enters a picture of him painted
in his blood. They also say he then
can be followed. Pshaw!

Trivia Edit

The document provides a clue how to defeat the Arizona Kid.