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Jack in the Dark
Jack in the Dark gamecover
Developer Infogrames
Arrow Micro-Techs Corp (PC-98)
Publisher Infogrames (Europe)
Interplay (North America)
Arrow Micro-Techs Corp (Japan/PC-98)
Designer Franck De Girolami
Released December, 1994 (DOS, PC-98, Mac)
Genre Survival Horror
Modes Single Player
Ports DOS

Jack in the Dark is a spin-off game made during Alone in the Dark 2's development. It was used as a promotional game, distributed at Christmas 1993. The game was on a single floppy disk in a golden wrap featuring a Jack-in-the-box illustration on top. Later CD versions of both Alone in the Dark and Alone in the Dark 2 came packaged with Jack in the Dark.

Plot Edit

It is Halloween, and Grace Saunders is out for tricks or treats, when she enters a small toy store and gets locked in. The Jack-in-the-Box laughs, the toys play and walk by themselves and hold a dark secret. Grace must discover what secret is that and figure out a way to leave this somewhat eccentric toy store, governed by a somewhat psychopathic Jack-in-the-Box.

Items Edit


Jack in the Dark

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