Jail Cell
Gaol cell main
Location Jail
Game(s) Alone in the Dark III

The Jail Cell is a small room that was used to imprison criminals in Slaughter Gulch.

Notes Edit

  • When you get inside the cell, you can't return to the cellar. If you do, Carnby will die from the fall.
  • Be mindful not to throw the rock in the direction of the hole, for it may result in one's loss, stagnating the game's progress.
  • Be aware that there's an undead prospector that will constantly spawn from the hole. Keep an eye out, so you don't get unnecessarily injured.

Adjacent RoomsEdit


Trivia Edit

  • The cellar that connects the Prison to the Saloon might indicate a former smuggling operation, very likely related to booze, judging by the letter written to Lone Miner by Lefty asking for a bottle.