Jeremy Morton's Diary
Jeremy Morton's Diary
Source Library 1st Floor
Author Jeremy Morton
Game(s) Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare

Jeremy Morton's Diary was a leather bound book that contained the transcription of Jeremy Morton's diary. it was found in the 1st floor of the Library in the Morton Manor.

Inscription Edit

June 1949.

I am a Morton. I realized that
today. I have tried for so long to
escape my destiny, but my will
power was probably not strong
enough. My fascination for the
World of darkness has
vanquished me. But i chose to
resist co-operation, a choice my
father never had because of that
demon, De Certo. For I
understood, early on, that only
light can vanquish darkness. The
magnesium bullets that were
made in Italy have a remarkable
effect on the smaller creatures.
But they have proved inadequate
to deal with the stronger
monsters dwelling deep in the
entrails of the night. The work
of the French scientist De
Broegly has greatly inspired my
research. The properties of light
he discovered and its undulating
nature are remarkable. It is thus
possible to concentrate and
amplify it, to rupture its
movement in phase, and thus,
transform it into a terrible
destructive energy.
The information I possess about
the molecular structure of the
shadows of the night is
fragmentary, but my study of
them has produced conclusive
results that their capacities for
absorption of light energy are
limited. Photoelectric energy at
certain high levels destabilizes
its chemical structure. The
molecules break down and the.
entire macro-system implodes. If I
could build a weapon able to
concentrate light energy by
factors of up to 100 or even 1000,
then... If i had the technology...
if there weren't limits. God! If
only someone would could help me...
When Edenshaw defeated De
Certo, that malevolent being
who led our family down the
path to dishonour, I knew that my
Indian friend had been sent to me
by the Gods. As a child I saw him
complete the incantation at the
circle of stones, facing in the
direction of the conjunction. De
Certo, who knew their power,
employed his magical powers to
dissimulate some of the statues
from the eyes of man.

June 13th 1953

This date will remain engraved
on my memory forever. My
grandchildren were born today.
God alone knows what they will.
make of their lives. Howard
wants to get them away from
Shadow Island. I understand his
reasons but i fear that destiny
will prove stronger than a poor
father's desire.

October 4th 1966

My research advances in leaps and
bounds. Time is of the essence. I
feel things stirring down below
like they know that that a date with
destiny is nigh. Their forays into
our world of light are becoming
increasingly frequent. With every
new day, my study of the
Creatures of Darkness greets me
with new surprises. It seems that
they all possess the same 'genetic
heritage' (the expression, however
is unsuitable- the entities are
more closely related to minerals
than organic life, but i find none
better). Its as though they have
all been cloned from the same
root matter

December 5th 1969

I have finally managed to
strengthen the resonance power
of the crystals. Now, only
matter stands in my way. I tested
the first version of the
Photoelectric Pulsar and it
literally fell to pieces in my
hands. I fear I must embrace myself
for long months of adjustment
and careful tuning. Alan
continues to show remarkable
intuition. His mind seems to be
perfectly in tune with the
Creatures of the Night. He even
claims that they obey his commands. However, I am unhappy
with the direction his research is

May 31st 1973

My strength is abandoning me,
sharp pains shoot through my body
like arrows. I have still so much
left to do. I now know that
Alan belongs to another world
entirely. For the first time ever
he told me about his real plans:
He wants to fuse light and dark,
to restore their original unity,
to reunify them, so defying their
I think he has been waiting for
the moment when I am too weak
and old to oppose him. God alone
knows what he might do! For the first time in my life, last night, I

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