The Jolly Roger was a ship captained by One Eyed-Jack before taking the Flying Dutchman as his own. It was mentioned in some of the documents, including The role of Shorty Leg, and is seen in a flashback cut-scene that was told by One-Eyed Jack.

Biography Edit

Initial use Edit

where Shorty Leg was found and brought board the ship after difting for 2 weeks on a makeshift raft.

Final Battle Edit


The Jolly Roger vs The Flying Dutchman, a battle that was to be the Jolly Roger's final

During Elizabeth Jarret's incarceration aboard the Flying Dutchman, the witch used her spells to lure Captain Jack to the ship. The ships went into battle, although the Jolly Roger sinking, the crew were ableto board the enemy ship and were victorious. Captain jack and his men claimed the ship and have used it ever since.

Jolly roger remnants

One-Eyed jack's crew leaving aboard their new ship, leaving their former ship to sink

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