Judas de Certo
Gender Male
Status Deceased (as human)

Banished (as ghost)

Race Human (formerly)


Game(s) Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare

Judas de Certo was a mysterious figure who was regarded himself as a "friend" to the Morton family, but had a sinister hidden agenda. He was also the enemy of Edenshaw, who battled him for years.


Judas de Certo was the former partner of Archibald Morton, who was the first Morton to inhabit Shadow Island. His origins are unknown, but he was responsible for turning Archibald's interest to the occult and the World of Darkness. Even after his death, de Certo lives on as a ghost guiding the Morton family in their research on the World of Darkness. He apparently has the ability to appear in any mirror in the mansion, and has been battling Edenshaw for many years. de Certo meets Aline and enlists her help, ultimately attempting to trick her into gazing into his mirror and seeing her "true self". Aline rejects him, however, and destroys de Certo's mirror. de Certo's spirit is apparently tied to the mirror, and shatters as soon as the mirror breaks.


He only appears in Aline's storyline. She first encountered him in the attic of Morton Manor, after waking up in one of the bedrooms within Morton Manor.

If Aline goes back to Lucy Morton, she says that she knows that she talked to the "ghost behind the mirror" and not to trust him.


When Aline is given the choice of handing Judas the mirror, she must deny him the chance to grab the mirror, smashing it up and presumably banishing the deceptive spirit.

If Aline gives Judas the mirror, she dies and it's game over.



His name could serve as an allusion to Derceto, the possessed mansion from the first Alone in the Dark.

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