AITD3 drunkard
Gender Male
Hair None (Formerly black)
Eyes Red
Status Deceased
Race Undead
Location(s) Jail, Slaughter Gulch
Relations Lone Miner (former smuggler)
Game(s) Alone in the Dark 3
"Burris, you old varmint, get through the barrel and bring a bottle to my cell! Signed: Lefty"

- Lefty's message for the Lone Miner

Lefty is an undead resident of Slaughter Gulch, acting as a minor antagonist in the game.

Background Edit

Lefty was a prisoner in Slaughter Gulch Jail, probably due to his alcohol abuse. He used to contact Buris to obtain smuggled alcohol.

Events of Alone in the Dark 3 Edit

He can be found in his cell at the end of the first hallway, showing to be completely weak and drunk. He can be given wood alcohol in order to obtain a flask.

Strategy Edit

Lefty is the easiest enemy in the game, he can be killed with only a few strikes, and won't fight back. However, if done so, no flask will be received.

If the player gives him wood alcohol, he'll die instantly and spawn a flask.

Trivia Edit

  • Lefty is one of the two non-agressive undead in the game;
  • Despite being harmless, Lefty is still an enemy.
  • A similar character appears in the previous game, the Drunk Pirate.

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