Lobby (2nd Floor)
3rd Floor Lobby 1
Location Derceto
Game(s) Alone in the Dark (1992)

In Derceto Manor, the 2nd Floor Lobby is the only way to access the 3rd Floor as well as the rest of the 2nd Floor. After exiting the loft and traversing down to the 2nd Floor, the player will see a large set of doors in front of the stairs slam shut, followed by a vile laughter (for some reason, this laughter is not in the 3DO version).

On the right of the door is a suit of armor which will attack if the player gets too close to it. Further in the same direction is the door to the living room. Next to the living room door lies the first set of stairs to the 1st Floor Lobby. The other set are on the left side of the main staircase. Even further on the right is a door that opens to a corridor which leads to the rest of the rooms on the 2nd Floor.


The suit of armor is invincible, but it's easy to kill it with the Very Heavy Statuette. Just throw it at him and the suit will fall apart, leaving a sword. This will come in handy later during the fight with the Ghoul/Pirate form of Ezechiel Pregzt. This sword doesn't break like the Old Cavalry Sabre you find in the chest (You can still damage Pregzt with the broken saber handle, however).

Adjacent RoomsEdit


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