Jim "Lone Miner" Burris
Lone Miner-poster
Gender Male
Hair Black
Eyes Unknown
Status Deceased
Race Undead
Location(s) Jail, Slaughter Gulch
Relations Jed Stone (leader)
Lefty (former client)
Game(s) Alone in the Dark 3

Jim "Lone Miner" Burris is one of Jed Stone's Henchmen. Acting as a minor antagonist in Alone in the Dark 3.


He was probably involved in working with Lefty in smuggling liquor into the cells, as shown in the writing behind a poster in the saloon's cellar. Considering that his bounty used to be $400, he probably committed small crimes, such as burglary or contraband.

It is said that the Lone Miner was so greedy, that he would meet his demise only if shot by golden projectile.

Events of Alone in the Dark 3Edit

He is the first mini-boss to be found in the game. He can be found hiding in the Prison rooftops. Upon defeat, he drops a bag full of scorpions.


Lone Miner cannot die for regular bullets, there are two possible ways to kill him:

  • Obtain the Winchester in the sheriff's office and load it with the gold bullet retrieved from the barkeeper, then aim and shoot him, he will die instantly;
  • If you miss the shot, hit him with the whip to obtain a bag full of gold coins, load the Shotgun with it and shoot him, he'll also die instantly.


  • He seems to hold a grudge for the executioner.
  • He seems to have a strange obsession for scorpions, being seen with scorpions in his shoulder and hat in the wanted poster.

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