Gender Genderless
Variable (Hosts)
Hair None
Variable (Hosts)
Eyes None
Black (Hosts)
Black Irises/Red Sclera (Possessing Edward Carnby)
Status Possessing Sarah Flores (Good Ending
Possessing Edward Carnby (Bad Ending)
Race Angel (Fallen Archangel)
Location(s) Heaven (Originally)
Hell (Formerly)
Relations God (Creator)
Angels (Siblings)
Edward Carnby (Proper Vessel)
Game(s) Alone in the Dark

Lucifer is the main villain in 2008's Alone in the Dark. He is believed by many humans as well as being depicted in many forms of literature as a fallen rebel archangel who was cast out of Heaven for leading the revolt of the angels against God. He was revered in Heaven as the Light Bringer or the Morning Star, while in Hell he is feared as the Devil or Satan.

In his quest for revenge against humanity, Lucifer created the Philosophers Stone to enact his will on the corporeal plane.


Brought into being as one of God's most beautiful and powerful celestial attendants, Lucifer was created as head over all other angels; bringing God's messages to the other angels. This earned him the endearing monikers of Light Bringer, Morning Star, Son of the Morning, and the Anointed Cherub established by God. He was on the Holy Mountain of God. According to literature and theology, every precious stone covered him as he walked across fiery stones.

His status and glory made him narcissistic and vain. In his pride over his own power and jealousy of humanity, Lucifer rebelled against his creator and led the war in Heaven, eventually being defeated and cast down. But even in defeat, the fallen archangel's hatred towards humanity was not quelled. Calling upon his burning rage and vast powers, Lucifer created a medallion from pieces of his shattered throne, best known as the fabled Philosophers Stone, which could grant it's carriers with eternal life and fabulous wealth, but at the cost of their soul.

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An artistic depiction of the fallen Lucifer on Earth.

Biding his time, Lucifer influenced great men to create a massive underground temple in Central Park, along with a gateway between the afterlife and the mortal world. Lucifer planned to use the stone to activate the gateway, allowing him to incarnate in the physical world and take it for himself. However, one of the carriers, Hermes Treismajice, discovered that the stone was betraying him and the wise men building the gateway. Realizing the danger, and the fact that he, nor anyone else, was strong enough to resist Lucifer, Hermes tore the Medallion in two, and sealed himself underground with one half, to await the coming of a carrier strong enough to fight Lucifer. The other half of the Medallion was passed from carrier to carrier throughout the years until it came into the hands of Edward Carnby in the 1920's. After Carnby came into possession of the stone, Lucifer possessed him, traveling the world in search of the other half of the medallion, and in the process, stopping Carnby from aging and came to the realization that Carnby was his "perfect puppet," a vessel ideally suitable for harnessing his essence and manifesting his full power on Earth.

Alone in the DarkEdit

Sometime in the twenty first century, Carnby and the Medallion caught the attention of Crowly, who desired the stone and it's powers for himself. Kidnapping Carnby and his former student, Theophile Paddington, he forced Paddington to exorcise Carnby, so as to purge the medallion's influence. The process worked, but allowed Lucifer to directly influence the mortal world, by releasing demons and possessing both humans and animals to do his bidding. However, he needed both halves of the medallion to fully incarnate, leading him to search for Carnby and his half of the medallion.

Eventually, Carnby found Hermes. The two joined the medallion, which activated the portal, allowing Lucifer to come through to the mortal world. Hermes and Carnby expected to fight Lucifer, but were caught by surprise when he possessed Sarah. Eventually, Lucifer finally incarnated in human form, ready to fully unleash his wrath upon the world and humanity.

Ending Edit

  • If Edward doesn't kill Sarah, he will put his gun away and hold her in his arms, while embracing each other, Sarah asks Edward to kill him, he turns his back to the possessed Sarah, who asks him "how it feels to be so alone", to which he replies: "I'm used to it." Edward walks away and what happens is unknown.
  • If Edward chooses to kill Sarah, she will fall to her death in the chasm. Despondent with remorse, Edward is possessed by Lucifer and falls to his knees. Hermes condemns Edward's choice saying, "The last free act of man was murder." Lucifer rises to his feet, in full possession of his true vessel, and responds, "So was his first free act." Hermes condemns Edward's inhumanity, to which Lucifer merely levitates him into the gateway to the spirit world proclaiming proudly, "I'm the Light Bringer! I'm the fucking universe!" Hermes warns him that humanity will stand against him, to which Lucifer responds, "Did you think I'd come alone?"

A Lucifer-possessed Carnby announces himself.

Involvement Edit

After being released from the medallion, Lucifer works to find the stone and use it to incarnate himself completely into a proper human host - a "perfect puppet." To this end, he unleashes his demonic force upon New York city, including giant, active fissures, monstrous bats, evil black liquid, and possessed humans.


  • "She's one of my hosts now, as you once were. You, my most perfect puppet."
  • "I taste your many questions."
  • "Join more more only have to die!"
  • "It matters not that you are unable to recall your sins. For you, there will be no mercy."
  • "So you assume responsibility for the blood you have shed? Well?"
  • "How does it feel, to be so alone?"
  • "So was his first 'free act.'"
  • "I'm the Light Bringer! I'm the fucking universe!"
  • "Did you think I'd come alone?"


  • As a disembodied being, Lucifer is never seen or fought at any point in the game. However, he is heard several times, always from his human hosts. When his presence is seen physically, it's either as black smoke or a flash of light. This suggests that Lucifer can possess and control numerous people at once.
  • In addition to being an archangel, Lucifer is also described as a seraphim and cherubim within the celestial hierarchy.
  • Lucifer's title, Morning Star, was attributed to the planet Venus when it was visible and bright in the east before sunrise.
Alone in the Dark (2008)/ Alone in the Dark: Inferno

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