Martense Coven
Location Catskill Mountains (Base)
Game(s) Alone in the Dark: Illumination (Indirectly Depicted)
Member(s) Unnamed Queen (High Priestess)
Celeste (Second Degree Priestess)

The Martense Order is a respected coven of Wiccan witches dedicated to protecting the world from outer-dimensional threats. Located in New York's Catskill Mountains, the Order has endured for many centuries; often coming into conflicts with the Black Brotherhood and the Old Ones.

Background Edit

Located in the Catskill Mountains approximately a hundred miles northwest of New York City, the Martense Order has existed for centuries. Over the course of their existence, their members have performed legendary deeds in their mission to protect the Earth from outer-dimensional threats. In 1752, the Vatican worked in collaboration with both the Order as well as the Black Brotherhood to combat a mutual threat. This was, however, purely in an unofficial capacity. [1]

Despite having worked together with the Vatican to a greater extent than the Black Brotherhood, it is speculated that the relationship between the two groups are not perfect. This is evident when hearing the except quote of Aurora, "the Bible can be destroyed by wind and rain, the Martense Order is the rain and wind."

Society Edit

The Martense Order is strictly matriarchal both in their structure and their ideologies. It isn't revealed if the Order has any male attendants such as warlocks or servants. Similarly, their stance on marriage is never touched on; although lovers of either sex are likely allowed.

Ranks Edit

  • High Priestess; The Queen of the Order. The High Priestess is the Order's most experienced Wiccan within the Craft and subsequently the most powerful Priestess within the coven; responsible both for the overall well-being of the coven and the administration of duties for the coven's Priestesses.
  • Third Degree Priestess; The lieutenants of the High Priestess. Third Degree Priestesses are second in eminence only to the Queen herself; relied upon as the first line of defense against evil. As such, they serve almost as warrior women or battlemages against their enemies and guardians of their allies.
  • Second Degree Priestess; The common Wiccans. Second Degree Priestesses constitute the largest portion of the Order. These are those Wiccans who have proven their skill within the Craft and have made a place for themselves within the coven. While not as potent as Third Degrees, Second Degrees are skilled.
  • First Degree Priestess; An initiate into the Order. First Degree Priestesses are those Wiccans who may be new to the Craft, often as a way to escape their previous life. First Degrees often take on new names to symbolize both their new life within the Order as well as their new family of Wiccan sisters.

The Craft Edit

Witch previously with revolver

Celeste using her magicks to conjure forth lighting.

Witchcraft as a whole is referred to simply as 'the Craft' in the Wiccan community to which the Order belongs. In the case of the Martense witches, their magick seems to revolve around lightning; the conjuring of electricity to smite their enemies or gain control of their bodies.

In addition to their lighting magick, the Martense witches also utilize various arcane symbols which may aide in learning spells and keeping focus. These intricate symbols are tattooed largely over their bodies and may serve to strengthen them for brawling otherworldly creatures.

Despite these gifts and enhancements, Martense witches are still human and can be injured or killed by acts of violence. As seen by Celeste, the Martense witches are not above using firearms when the need arises; possibly with magickal augmentations to injure unearthly creatures.

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Trivia Edit

  • Martense was a reference of a family line in The Lurking Horror.

References Edit

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