Celeste, a member of the Order

The Martense Order (also known as the Martense Coven) was an order of all female witches who fought against the Great Old Ones. They are the sworn enemies of the Black Brotherhood, and its leader ZZ Ziltch. Celeste, one of the heroes exploring Lorwich, was a member.

biography Edit

In 1752, the Vatican worked with, unofficially with the Martense order to combat evil. [1]

Society Edit

The coven was led by a Queen.

Despite having worked together with the Vatican to a greater extent than the Black Brotherhood, it is speculated that the relationship between the two groups are not perfect. This is evident when hearing the except quote of Aurora "that the bible can be destroyed by wind and rain, the Martense order IS the rain and wind."

Ranks Edit

  • Queen/High Priestess
  • First Sphere
  • Second order
  • Third Sphere

Abilities Edit

The magic used by the witch's coven relied on the source of light or illumination to replenish their energies.

Members Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Martense was a reference of a family line in The Lurking Horror.

References Edit

  1. Hallowed Catacombs- Priest transcript

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