Gender Female
Actor(s) P.J. Soles
Movie(s) Alone in the Dark II

Martha was a middle-aged women who either served as an assistant to Abner Lundberg's veterinary clinic or his wife.

She came to Abner whilst talking to Natalie, saying that Hank Willis was on the phone that his cow died from one of his medicines and that he wanted a refund. Abner told her to say that he told Hank to not give food, only water, and to also go to hell, to which she rolled her eyes.


An image from the film Alone in the Dark II of PJ Soles as Martha, taken from imdb (

After Abner gave Natalie and Carnby a place to determine their next move, Natalie was wondering through the house. When she heard Martha's footstep.

Personality Edit

irt appears as though she was familiar with supernatural sights with Abner, as she quickly gave him the rifle, bullets and what appears to be some special water when the Witch cap[tured natalie in an energy sphere. She was able to wishtand Abner's gruff attitude.

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