Type Book
Source Smoking Room (Derceto)
Game(s) Alone in the Dark (1992)

Memories was a book written by Alistair Boleskine, and serves as a continuation of his previous book, Diary of a journey.

Inscription Edit

Alistair Boleskine
Printed in London
A. Machen editor.

It was during a conversation with G...
that one first heard of the New
England fishing village in I... The
area was apparently the ideal place from
which to witness unusual phenomena in
space. The quality of the air, along
with the conjunction of several favourable
factors made one impatient to get started.
Having gleaned what information one
could from the British Museum, one
set off with all haste.

One’s work on space and comets in
particular had met with a warm
response and one thought it judicious to
include several original sketches of the
phenomenon, sketches which one felt
were sure to arouse a great deal of keen
interest in the scientific circles of 1834
... One refers naturally to the passage
of Halley’s comet.

Editor’s note. Lord Boleskine’s

Memoirs end at this point. Who knows
what extraordinary contributions he
might still have made had he not
succumbed, during his visit to New
England, to dementia, followed by an
early death in St. Andrew’s