Mister Eye
Mister Eye ult
Gender male

Mister Eye was the crewmember aboard the flying Dutchman.


Although nobody knew his birth name, it was known that he was born in Nouamghar and later deported to Haiti. his life was meaningless until he came into contact with the sorceress known as Elizabeth Jarret, who initiated him to voodoo magic, which involved a fourteen day-long coma.

He has proficient eyesight, which brings himself after the attack at the crow's nest on December 25. In addition, he is extremely skilled with his harpoon, using it as his chosen weapon. he was infamous in the San Cristobal carnage and the pillage of the governor's palace, but the greatest memory of him was the crucification of superintendant Joaro de la Cruz.

He was hired aboard the Flying Dutchman as the watchman on the 25th december, 1724.


Mister Eye is never encountered by Carnby in hell's Kitchen, but he is found and fought on the deck of the Flying Dutchman. he has henchmen in the form of the Look Boys. he is armed with a harpoon.


Mr. Eye is very fast as well as having good range. it is possible to push him off of the mast in order to defeat him and finish the fight quickly.

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