Seen when Carnby inserts a token into the piano in the Saloon. it also cointains a clue on how to continue.

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Part 1 Edit

Jed Stone came into the Field of Braves,

buried his hands in Mojave graves. He found himself a golden bird.
And soon the wind done spread the word.

prospectors came from miles around. Eleven days they dug the ground.

But there was evil in that mud. And Slaughter Gulch was born in blood!

The whiskey seller, he came to and had his liquor out of view. The varmint who can turn that horn and tell the tale that just ain't been born.

Eleven days and nights did pass

and Sherrif Jack Dawson appeared at last.

He swore his band of lawless men to follow Stone until the end.

Part 2 Edit