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Sean O'Leary, otherwise known as Music Man, was a crewmember aboard the Flying Dutchman, which was commanded by One Eye Jack. He is the second boss to appear in Alone in the Dark II and is fought in the basement of Hell's Kitchen.


Born in Dublin, Sean O'Leary was originally a harpsicord genius who was exiled from his homeland after he threw three of his guests out of the window when they criticized his performance of Mozart's third Concerto.

He eventually joined the military and became a member of the 3rd highlanders, but soon lost his left hand by an unknown means during a siege on Gibraltar. He later quit the military and began studying the accordion with Sancho Fernandez, the mad armorer. Finding refuge on a group of islands known as the Leeward Islands, he performed lowly jobs for payment.

In 1712, he was eventually captured and brought to the hangman's noose to be lynched, before narrowly escaping and seeking refuge on the Jolly Roger with One Eyed Jack. Sean went on to become one of his lieutenants during the Cao Bang massacre, and became the crew's musician and entertainer on the Flying Dutchman.

In 1764, on Christmas day in Haiti, Music Man signed a pact on a sheet of paper with the sorceress as his witness. The Pact of Immortality, enabled him every 100 years to obey and swear allegiance to his masters. If the document is destroyed, it ends his immortality and causes the death of Music Man.


Music Man initially appears in the basement of Hell's Kitchen, attacking Carnby with a firearm installed within his accordion. Unlike a traditional confrontation, Carnby instead proceeded to destroy Music Man's pact, thus resulting in Music Man himself to collapse dead.

Later in the game, Carnby encounters a reincarnated Music Man on the Flying Dutchman's deck, prompting a shootout between the two. Due to his vulnerable state unlike their first encounter, Carnby eventually defeats Music Man and the latter dissolves into a skeleton before collapsing.


The best strategy for this character is to avoid him head on, as his firing speed is slow. Use the corner trick - as he comes around it, quickly open the inventory and tear the Pact you have collected. This will kill him, as traditional weapons will not affect him.

In his second and final encounter, you can kill him last as long as you keep moving around - the other pirates are deadlier. Best strategy is to just keep moving and use the fast swing of the sword to take him out.


In his first appearance, he has a pallid complexion due to his zombification and has long brown hair with a large beard. He wears a white dress shirt with a black sleeveless overcoat, along with a pair of tan brown pants and black dress shoes. He has a golden hook replacing his left hand, which Carnby can loot from him after both encounters.

In his second encounter, his attire is almost identical to the previous. Differences include a blue sleeveless dress coat and a blue bandana.


  • Like most characters, he was given texture-mapping in the 1996 ports of Alone in the Dark II, rather than the flat shading look of the original game.

    Texture Mapped Musicman

    Like most characters, he was given texture-mapping in the 1996 ports of Alone in the Dark II, rather than the flat shading look of the original game.
  • In the Game Over screen when playing as Grace, Music Man is seen playing the Organ, celebraiting with the rest of the pirates while Carnby hover above them not moving.

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