Status Status
Race Nightgaunt
Location(s) Derceto, Stair Well (3rd Floor)
Game(s) Alone in the Dark (1992)

Nightgaunts are enemies in Alone In the Dark (1992). only two appear in game, as obstacles when the player reaches the Stair Well (3rd Floor).


When the player reaches the stairs, there are two Nightgaunts guarding either staircase. The player needs to banish them before being able to proceed downstairs.


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The Nightgaunts cannot be killed, but must be banished. The player must find two small mirrors and place them in the hands of the Cherub Statues near the double staircase.

Nightgaunts will attack if they are approached, both by swinging their arms and tail. Both of these attacks have a special ability that destroys small mirrors. If the mirrors are destroyed, there will be no replacement, and the game will become unwinnable. Do not approach the Nightgaunts.

After one mirror is placed, the corresponding Nightgaunt will panic. When both mirrors are placed, the Nightgaunts will collapse and vanish.


  • Nightgaunts are taken from the works of H.P. Lovecraft, though Lovecraft's Nightgaunts do not make noise.
  • Though the Nightgaunts in-game cannot be killed, if they are shot, they will bleed.

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