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Gender Male
Race Creatures of Darkness/human
Location(s) Shadow Island
Game(s) Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare

Obedshad is a creature of darkness and is final boss fought by Aline Cedrac in bowels of Shadow Island in Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare.


Obedshad is the mutated form of Obed Morton, on which the shadows have poured their power. It is a very high anthropomorphic monster, from the skin of the ash-colored, with the hands by three clawed fingers and two heads: one is that of a horned demon while the other, smaller, resembles that of Obed. Unlike any other Creatures of Darknews, Obedshaw is still able to speak and be reason with but he is divided into two distinct entities: half still human Obed is expressed through the smallest face as the most cruel and brutal speaks through the mouth of the demon face . The creature, although very slow, enjoys an immense strength and his scratches inflict serious damage. The blows aimed at his body especially not inflict damage, while those to the demonic head do at least retreat. Despite the demonic creature in principle has the better, once you will be defeated by Aline Obed rinsavirà and his human half will allow him to save the girl.



While enjoying enormous resistance and being the battle set on a bridge, a very tight space, the clash with Obedshad can be solved very easily. The creature will advance slowly toward Aline and strike only when it will be very close: the girl's goal is simply to keep him away, to do it is necessary to equip especially powerful weapon and shoot only when the creature takes a step forward, lowering his head demon toward the girl. In doing so the shot will take full and will force him to retreat, the procedure must be repeated several times to force him to surrender. In the unfortunate event that Obedshad gets too close to Aline will simply move back a few steps until the picture does not change, the monster does not come back allowing the chase and, after a few seconds, to advance again and resume the fight.


  • Obedshad
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  • Aline confronts Obedshad
  • Obedshad
  • Obedshad saves Aline
  • Obedshaw protects Aline
  • Obedshad faces the creatures of darkness
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