Obed Morton's Diary
Source Obed Morton's bedroom
Author Obed Morton
Game(s) Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare

Obed Morton's Diary was a book that contained the transcription of Obed Morton's diary. it was found on the desk in Obed's bedroom.

Inscription Edit

Edenshaw and Obed

Edenshaw and

Edenshaw was like a real father
for us. he was grandpa Jeremy's
best and only friend. I always
felt there was a strong bond
between us, like we shared a
secret or the responsibility for a
terrible mistake. I remember
when we were kids, he would
always get Alan and me mixed

Grandpa Jeremy in fort lab
Grandpa Jeremy in the Fort

Jeremy would spend days and
nights on end in this workshop.
It was here too that I started
my own scientific career.
Edenshaw had his bedroom just
next door, as if my Grandfather
couldn't go without him

Obed in Boston Picture taken during our visit
to the anthropology museum in

My grandfather organized a
visit for my 15th Birthday. That
visit determined my choice of
profession. I remember how
surprised I was at just how
much Edenshaw knew.

Obed in Jeremys lab
My grandfather's workshop was
like Ali Baba's cave. But I
always sensed that behind behind his
carefree appearance, the
research he carried out had
very far-reaching consequences.

Edenshaw said little about about his
native American origins, which
gave him a certain mystery and a
certain aura. I am still
convinced that he knows much
more than he lets on.

July 13th 1991.
Alan has done something...
terrible! Howard, our father!
We are going straight to Hell.

Appearances Edit

Dark Maze
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