Ophtalmicid1 (1)
Gender N/A
Race Creatures of Darkness
Location(s) Shadow Island
Game(s) Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare
Ophtalmicid profile

profile as seen in the Prima strategy guide

Dark Maze
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Ophtalmicid are a basic variant of the Creatures of Darkness. They usually attack in a group and weak against the flashlight. They are a very common creature which inhabit beneath the earth and able to access shadow island. They are also said to be multiplying deep underground.

The Ophtalmicid are known to attack any sort of animal but not necessarily for food, as shown when they attack the chained dogs in the formal gardens of the Morton mansion then leave the carcass behind. It can be deduced that this is a way of spreading the unique material that creates Creatures of Darkness.


One of the fiends to appear from the shadows was a thin and spiny bipedal monster with a birdlike beak, inverted knee joints, armored spines along its backbone, and a pair of thin, sinewy arms ending in razor-sharp claws. One of the elder Mortons, Archibald, noted that these aggressive creatures attack the eyes of their victims, gouging with their claws and snapping with sharp teeth. The creatures were aptly named Ophtalmicides after the Greek root word “ops” or “ophthalmos,” referring to eyes.

The Ophtalmicid is approximately the size of a medium-sized dog, but far more vicious than even the most brutish fighting hound. Its lolloping gait and cacophony of screeching distinguishes it from other creatures of the night. Appearing out of a shadow vortex and forming from dark matter itself, this flesh-colored monster darts and scampers with a single purpose—to launch at a victim. It either strikes at the victim’s legs or drags its prey to his or her knees while lacerating the face and neck. This attack is extremely painful, despite the Ophtalmicid’s lack of strength. Additionally, their speed and single-minded persistence make them extremely difficult to avoid.


  • Opthalmacids can turned invisible, but won't hinder the player to detect it by raising their weapon where their arms automatically poined to the creatures' direction even while invisible. But remember, do not overestimate this ability.
  • A single shot from any guns would staggered it briefly, but while using first equipped weapon like Carnby's Customized Revolver, it's best to reloaded it on inventory menu instead automatically reloading it while in battle with one of these creatures as the player would vulnearable with it's grab attacks and bite attacks. While shooting the creature, it's not recommended tp shoot it before recovered from staggered state as it would quickly exhaust the ammo. 
  • It requires at least 7 shots from revolver and two shots from shotgun to kill it.


  • Like Hounds of Tindalos, they are the known creatures of darkness that seemingly having bones and vertebrae.

-Like many of the creatures's names in the game, the name Ophtalmicid refers to an existing disease: the 'Olftalmia Simpatica', probably due to their dark nature.

-The fact that the bodies of the creatures disappear once they have suffered too much damage may suggest that the Ophtalmicid are not really defeated but simply their physical body, disappears by transport themselves back to the World of Darkness to regenerate.


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