Parchment entitled "Immortality"
Parchment immortality
Type parchment
Source found inside Bottle
Game(s) Alone in the Dark (1992)

Parchment entitled "Immortality" was a parchment that was found in a bottle somewhere within the hold of the Flying Dutchman.

Inscription Edit

Extracts from
"The Book of Marvels.
Anno Domini
*** ***

Now, we must consider the

immortals, and distinguish between
those who know bliss and those who
are damned. Pacts with the demon
do not guarantee everlasting life in
this world. For the lowly henchmen
of Satan (or any other name you
may give him), mere invocation or
combat is enough.

But remember this: there is a

time of remission after the first
death which rips away earthly
appearances, and the second death,
which is true and final death, and
which leads the damned soul to Hell.
The time we call the "Latent Period"
is when the cursed one is sent to the
time of his damnation and becomes
vulnerable once more.

A weapon forged during the.

pact is enough to send them back to
the void. For wizards, it is not so
easy. The pact must be eradicated by
destruction and conjuring...

Whatever the price. That is

what the virtuous must pay to
remove the curse of an eternal life
devoted to sin.

Trivia Edit

After the word Imprimateur, is the roman date for "1783"