Game(s) Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare

The perforator is an object that is being built by Aline Cedrac in the fort of Shadow Island in Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare.

The New NightmareEdit

The perforator is un'attrezzo originally built by Jeremy Morton , useful for digging the rock in a short time using the energy of lightning, channeled by an Abkanis power stone at its base. Despite being a great efficiency tool the barrel used to disintegrate easily at high temperature and it is therefore necessary to replace it, while prolonged use tends to consume the stone that forms the centerpiece of the operation. It is built by Aline in the fort of Shadow Island following the instructions left by Jeremy. E 'consists of several parts:

  • A photoelectric pulsar, in turn composed of a ' handle , an orange accelerator and a cannon ;

a tripod fixed with a cane made of hardened steel; an energy source, or an energy stone Abkanis fixed with a metallic ring . The procedure to construct it is described in Jeremy Morton mounting diagram :

  • Initially it is necessary to fix the orange accelerator grip, then the cannon, so you get the photoelectric pulsar;
  • Once you have created a steel rod mount it on the tripod, then mount the pulsar;

Finally mount the energy stone Abkanis the perforator, after you fix it with a metal ring.

  • To use it, Aline puts the perforator in a metal structure that channels the blow in the right direction, which is connected via a cable to a lightning rods so that the Abkanis stone receives energy. With this system, the girl manages to dig a hole to the underground tunnels of Shadow Island , but in the process the perforator is destroyed.

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