Perilous Descent
Location Lorwich mines
Game(s) Alone in the Dark: Illumination
Previous episode The Ghost Town
Next episode The Hollow Catacombs

Perilous Descent was the second level in The Mines of Lorwich chapter and also the second level in the overall game, after The Ghost Town. It begins in the Safe room from the previous episode, as well as entering the mines via the elevator.

Walkthrough Edit

1- Prelude Edit

Grab all of the items to replenish your health and weapons and head through the door to the mine elevatory room. Enter in the door and click on the elevator button console. You wait for a while, but expect one or two creatures surrounding the floor that the elevator has stopped.

2 Edit

The objective is to find 4 batteries

3 Edit

Find vacant shafts in order to jump down the levels until you reach the bottom. There are no enemies present in this section (at least none whilst playing the easy setting). Eventually, you will find another elevator which requires only one battery.

3 Edit

You will stop at the floor leading out to a huge pile of rocks sealing the destination forward. However, there is a convenient detonator timer, which needs 3 explosives to work. Be aware that enemies will appear during the search.

Remember: you can only carry one at a time, so you will have to go back and forth.

4 Edit

Once all of the times in place, press the interact key to begin the timer for the detonation, be at least on the other side of the elevator. After the explosion, take out any creatures ahead and continue on tothe safe house entrance, open, enter and close it to finish the level.