Philosopher's Stone
Philosopher's Stone
Type Stone
Effects Immortality
Source Lucifer's Heavenly Throne
Game(s) Alone in the Dark

The Philosopher's Stone is a mythological artifact that has been given much attention and conjecture. Said to posses great powers, few know it's true origin: it was crafted by Lucifer himself, for the purpose of great evil.


The stone was created untold years ago, when Lucifer expelled from Heaven and forced to live as a mortal. Desiring his revenge, he used his vast powers to create the stone, in order to tether his spirit to the Earth until he was able to exact his revenge upon the human race. Ancient prophecies about the stone tell that he created it from anger, and pieces left from his heavenly throne.

In the centuries following its creation, it was held by many carriers, chief among them alchemists, who studied the stone at great detail, unaware of it's true power and purpose, seeking to understand it's abilities. It was coveted by all classes of society; the poor dreamed of wealth, and the rich dreamed of eternal life. Lucifer himself nurtured myths about the stone over the century by influencing the most important alchemists, scientists, and artists. In part, Lucifer kept the myths alive to ensure that the stone would always be sought, and never destroyed.

Eventually, the stone came into possession of a group of alchemists and other wise men, who were manipulated into creating a doorway between the mortal world and the afterlife. They thought it would be a gift to all mankind, but they were secretly being betrayed and manipulatd by Lucifer, who sought to use the gateway to cross over to the mortal world. One of the alchemists, Hermes Treismajice, realized what was happening and quickly tore the stone in two, splitting it's power in half. Taking one half, he sealed himself deep beneath Central Park, to await the day when the light carrier would return, the one powerful enough to fight Lucifer himself.

In the early twentieth century, the other half of the stone was found by Edward Carnby, who began to study it and it's powers, but after a short time, noticed that his young pupil, Theophile Paddington, was fascinated by it. At the same time, he discovered and understood the evil that was trapped inside. Shortly afterwords, he was possessed by Lucifer and vanished, traveling the world for years in search of the stone's other half. Without care of human life, Lucifer worked through Carnby, killing many innocents in his relentless search.

Sometime in the early twenty first century, Carnby was found by Crowley and his men, who desired the powers of the stone for themselves. However, they could not manipulate the stone to their will, so they forced Paddington to exorcise Lucifer from Carnby's body. But they failed to obtain the stone, which was eventually passed back to Carnby.

Eventually, the stone was reunited with it's other half, and set in place near the gateway to the afterlife. As Lucifer was coming through, Carnby took the stone one last time to prepare himself for a battle against the Devil himself...only to fall influence to the stone's power once more as Lucifer began to take possession of him once more, using him as his final vessel to enter Earth.


  • Chief among the stone's powers are the ability to keep its carrier alive indefinitely, effectively making them immortal as long as they keep the stone in their possession. Carnby took the stone in 1924, when he was in his thirties, and reappeared over 77 years later, looking exactly as he did in the 1920's. The stone also had the ability to bring men fortune and material wealth but at a terrible price, for by carrying the stone, the user would inevitably become corrupted, and a slave to Lucifer's will.

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