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Phocomelus profile

Phocomelus art seen in the Prima strategy guide of the game.

Phocomelus were Creatures of Darkness that resembled limbed serpents.

Background Edit

This horrific being exists in a world of limbo. It temporarily appears in its physical form in sewers or stagnant ponds and attempts to drag its prey into the depths of darkness itself. Although it’s a solitary marauder, two separate forms of this frightening monstrosity have been noted in cryptozoological journals—a fleshy entity and a greener, larger beast with sharper features. Both have similar features: an elongated bird-like head attached to a ligament-filled snake-like body ending in a thin but robust tail. Either side of the body sports a sickeningly atrophied arm ending in a talon. They were among known Creatures of Darkness that succesfully released by Alan Morton to the real world at one point before event of the game began. Due to their more aquatic physiology compared to the rest of the Creatures of Darkness, they mostly occupied the aquatic areas, with exception of a weaker but unique variant of them that hiding in rug in Lucy's Room, disguised as the drawn serpent, which persumed to be the only one of it's kind that present in the real world.

One of them occupied the Sewers while the others in the flooded foundations of the Old Fort.

Involvement Edit

Carnby's StorylineEdit

Carnby encountered a Phocomelus in sewer, and the said Phocomelus are the only one that he encountered.

Aline CedracEdit

Phocomelus weak version

The variant seen in Aline's storyline

Aline's first phocomelus was the unique variant that disguised as a drawn serpent on the rug in Lucy's room, where it immediately moves when Aline approaches it and materialized in front of her. She succesfully killed it with only using light from her flashilght.

She later encountered regular phocomelus in the foundations of the Old Fort, when she falls from the walls into the sewers down beneath the foundations, which she dispatched easily. Her final encounter with phocomelus occurs within the watery locations in World of Darkness.

Strategy Edit

  • Pholomecus attacks by looming up behind the player and then dragging them beneath the water after paused around 3-4 seconds, dealing moderate damage. When they did so, shoot them before they had a chance to attack.
  • Pholomecus can only attacked when they levitating above the water to attack the player. Everytime the player succesfully shoot them, they immediately fell into the water below, so be careful even if you using powerful weapons like shotgun.
  • During the battle, do not chooses to run as this only gave these beast advantages.

Trivia Edit

  • They are only known Creatures of Darkness with physiology that suit for aquatic habitats.


Regular PhocomelusEdit

Unique PhocomelusEdit

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