Pirate gangster
Pirate Gangster1
Gender Male (mostly?)
Status Status
Race Immortal Pirates
Location(s) Hell's kitchen, The Flying Dutchman

The Pirate gangsters are the most common enemies in Alone in the Dark II.


being One Eyed Jack's many henchmen, they have become ageless due to the magic of Elizabeth Jarret. They are used to guard the Hell's Kitchen mansion, which serves as the pirate captain's hideout. They also tried to fit in with the times by disguising themselves as gangsters. Some are armed with Thompsons.

(Although they look and sound human they have dark-green skin and green blood, perhaps due to the effects of being immortal.)?

There also seems to be a subtype of Pirate gangster, which is larger and fires multiple times with a pistol, until it requires reloading.

Reimaged pirate gangster

reimaged version of pirate gangster at gate


They are the most common enemies in the game.

Pirate gangster2

bird's eye view



"Hey you..."

"Morning, Sir..."

"Hi Guy"


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