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Consider to be the first reboot of the franchise after the first trilogy (including the Jack in the Dark), the reboot was linked to a prequel comic book, and a scrapped sequel. The franchise would then recieve another reboot in the form of Alone in the Dark (2008)

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Obed Morton transformed
Obed Morton is the secondary antagonist of Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare, as well as the owner of Shadow Island.
Obed Morton comes from a long family line of Mortons that occupied Shadow Island. He has a twin brother, Alan Morton, and he is the son of Howard Morton and Lucy Morton. He is a worldwide famous anthropologist on the subject of the Abkanis Indian tribe that lived on the island. He has written books on the subject and been featured in anthropology magazines. He also translated the Abkanis Tablets with the help of Edenshaw.
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Procuraptor TNN
Full view of the the Procuraptor, a unique variant of the Creatures of Darkness. Was a recurring nemesis of the first rebooted Edward Carnby in his storyline.


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