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Welcome to Alone in the Dark's portal dedicated to Alone in the Dark: Illumination!

The latest game in the Alone in the Dark series, the game attempts to return to its lovecraftian roots. Despite Carnby himself presently not appearing, there are four playable characters: The Hunter (AKA Theodore Carnby, Edward's grandson), The Witch (Emily Hartwood's granddaughter), The Priest (Father Giger and a new charcter) and The Engineer (Celestia Saunders, who is loosely based on Grace Saunders). The story of the game was that the Forces of Darkness has invaded the town of Lorwich, and that each character travels there for their own set of reasons.

Despite the many homages to the original games, including the very first alone in the Dark, the reception of the released game was mostly negative.

  • The Mines of Lorwich
    • The Ghost Town
    • Perilous Descent
    • The Hollow Catacombs
    • The Infernal Furnace
  • Beneath the Graves
    • The Coffinmaker
    • Dark Crypt
    • Reflective Pond
    • Sonerous Sewers
  • Factory of Fear
    • Silent Quarry
    • Spectral Railway
    • Train Graveyard
    • Final Facility


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