Procuraptor TNN
Gender unknown (asexual)
Status destroyed
Race Creature of Darkness
Location(s) Shadow Island

The Procuraptor was a powerful Creature of Darkness, resembling a winged gargoyle or dragon. It was only seen once, where it was the first boss in Edward Carnby's storyline. Edward Carnby faces it in the upper levels of the library in Morton Manor where it fired electric bolts at him.



A vicious beast of the night, the Procuraptor embodies the continuing evolution of the horrifying creatures of shadow. This one actually employs electrical energy—light itself—in its terrifying attacks. Thankfully, only one of these intelligent, swift, and deadly flying dragons has ever been seen on Shadow Island. Named by one of the Morton elders as a perverse play on words (a procurator administers the wishes of another), this entity seems to be bent on carrying out the wishes of a long-dead master, and it’s said to appear only after being summoned by a secret combination found only in the mansion Library.

The Procuraptor flies on tattered leathery wings, with large insect legs attached to a skeletal body, and a mockery of a bird’s head (almost reminiscent of a prehistoric pterodactyl). It shrieks and bays loudly as it closes in for combat. However, this creature’s main attack isn’t with its spindly arms or oversized beak—it strikes with lightning, using its wings as an impenetrable shield. Only the most powerful of weapons can slow this strong and magical specimen of the shadows.


The possible apparation of Procuraptor appears in the Library in Morton Manor, causing blackout that prompt Carnby to walk downstairs and turned on the lamp while solving the puzzle in the said location.

The real Procuraptor however, suddenly came where it breaks into the library and attacked him.


  • It requires several shots from Shotgun to kill it, but ensure that the attack did hits.
  • Shot Procuraptor before it could fires electric discharged on Carnby. If it fails, Carnby would suffer moderate damage.
  • Like when dealing with Phocomelus, it immediately retreats upon hit, so use it as opportunity to either using First Aid Kit or reload the weapon. It is not recommended to chase it down.
  • It seems that the Procuraptor has the ability to regen its health, therefore it is adviced to deal an ingent amount of damage in the shortest period of time possible.



  • It could be the monster that attacked the plane that Carnby and Aline Cedrac were on route to Shadow Island. It could also be the reason the plane crashed in the intro.
  • View to the ability to fly the Procuraptor is probably the creature that caused the accident sull'idrovolante for which the two protagonists find themselves separated.
  • During the first visit to the library, once they reach the upper floors, the lights go out and a Procuraptor projection will appear in the room and then disappear, as a warning to the battle.
  • During the battle will not be able to interact either with the doors of the library, nor with the staircase leading to the tower and even with the books needed to solve the puzzle, making it necessary to defeat the boss to continue.
  • The physical appearance of the Procuraptor is strongly inspired by that of the Yuggoth fugi, extraterrestrial creatures born out of HP Lovecraft and described in the story The Whisperer in Darkness.

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