Vampirez boss

Queen Vampirez was a larger and more formidable version of the Vampirez.

it appears in Alone in the Dark (2008)

The mother Vampirz is a monster that haunts Central Park appeared in Alone in the Dark: Inferno and a Boss of the PS2 and Wii version.


Mother Vampirz is a huge specimen of Vampirez, it gives birth to them and creates nests where his offspring brings prey to feed on. Unlike its smaller Vampirez it has four huge wings and is capable of destroying a helicopter with its bulk. In the Xbox360 and PS3 versions it will not ever face, as will be killed by lightning, but you will have to cross a short section inside her body. In the PS2 and Wii versions, however, it will fight a much smaller version of the Mother on board the ambulance of Dr. Hartford .


Dark Maze
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trivia Edit

-The Face of this creature is very reminiscent of the Chthonian which appeared in the first Alone in the Dark.


  • Mother Vampirz
  • Mother Vampirz
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  • Mother Vampirz killed by lightning
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  • Concept Art

Alone in the Dark (2008)/ Alone in the Dark: Inferno