Richard Morton's Will and Testament
Richard Morton WaT icon
Author Robert Morton
Game(s) Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare

Richard Morton's Will and Testament was a parchment that contained the will and testament to Richard Morton.

Inscription Edit

Shadow island, April 12th 1905.

I, the undersigned, Richard Morton,
being sound of mind and body,
declare this testament to be my last
will and testament; Let no other
take its place.
Archibald, my son! The mission I
undertook years ago is
still vast and incomplete. I expect
you and your descendants to strive
without respite for its competition.
To this end, I bequeath you my
goods and chattels, my estate and
all it contains. let De Certo guide
you. He will tell you what to do
and how to do it. Archibald, I have
often seen doubt cloud your
youthful eye. Sometimes your glance
betrays your disapproval. Indeed, I have
sacrificed human life! But
name me the conquest without
sacrifice! Indeed, i have defiled
almost every commandment in the
bible! But isn't morality always the
first casualty of progress. What
worth do a few miserable lives have.
compared to the immense discoveries,
the enormous unprecedented
advances I have made!.
Archibald, I know you are no
coward. I know that with De
Certo's help you will far, much
further than I ever did. You will
be the one to venture into the
unknown! You will set the
foundations for a new humanity. i
know that, because of us, the
Morton name will shine with the
light of a thousand stars in the
great pantheon of history! My
detractors will become the
laughing stock of generations to

Thanks to you, and the confidence I
have in De Certo, our destiny shall
be fulfilled. Thus do I leave this
world in peace.
My library is my life's work. I
wanted it to be a hexagon - the
perfect form of six equilateral
triangles representing the universe.
It is a repository for ten centuries
of human knowledge worthless
every word of it. ten enturies of
empty hollow treatises, ten black centuries of ignorance, vain and stupid reflections that remind us each day how vile and petty the human spirit is .

Ten centuries and not one mention
of the world of darkness.

To be continued...

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