Samuel Gibson
Sammual Gibson's corpse
Gender Male
Race Human
Location(s) Shadow Island
Game(s) Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare

Samuel Gibson was a brilliant student and a specialist in old languages.

Background Edit

He joined Richard Morton on June 20 of 1899 he was given the task to translate the tablets found near the corpse of "The Frozen Man" when he was moving forward with the translation the relationship between him and Richard Morton began to deteriorate.

Gibson had a romantic vision of his work, but Richard Morton had a destructive obsession. Gibson sent a letter to his girlfriend telling her all his fears. That was the last thing that was heard from Gibson.

Death Edit

His mother received a letter signed by Richard Morton that said:

Your son has disappeared, his body hasn't been found, my deepest condolences.

His body can be found next to Richard Morton's Tomb when you play the story arc with Aline Cedrac is supposed someone seal the Richard Morton's tomb with Gibson in it, the last words of Gibson were found on a document near to his corpse:

Richard Morton shut me in  here.

A curse on him and

all his family!

I am going to die here and

I'm afraid.

S. Gibson.

Charles Fiske's Notebook
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