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Sarah Flores
Sarah Flores (Inferno)
Gender Female
Hair Dark Brown (360/PS3/PC)
White (PS2/Wii)
Eyes Dark Brown
Status Determinant
Race Caucasian
Location(s) New York, NY
Relations Edward Carnby (lover)
Voice Actor(s) Alexandra Williamson
Game(s) Alone in the Dark

Sara Flores is the main character in the 2008 game Alone in the Dark. She is an art trader whom Edward Carnby meets earlier in the game. She accompanies him throughout his journey.


Born into a well-to-do family in 1968. Her father was a tough businessman who made sure Sarah was equipped with the essential keys to success, but he was an unaffectionate man and lacked the ability to show his love for both his daughter and wife.

Sarah came to New York 10 years prior to Alone in the Dark to start working as an art trader. Over the years she became increasingly successful in her career but her sense of loneliness continued to grow. Upon meeting Edward, the two of them discover the secrets beneath Central Park.

Personality and Traits Edit

As she grew up, Sarah quickly developed a strong, yet sensitive personality. She focused her energy on her studies, and eventually a career as an artist. The art world opened up new doors for her as she discovered the beauty of painting and sculptures. She was finally able to express the feelings she’d been hiding for so long, with her artistic expression.


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