Sherrif Jack Dawson
Sherrif closeup
Gender Male
Status Status
Race Undead

Sheriff Dawson is a character that appears in Alone in the Dark III as a minor antagonist.


Nothing is known about Dawson's past prior to the events narrated in the piano song. The only thing related to him is that eleven days and nights after Jed Stone established Slaughter Gulch, he led a group of bandits into the town and pledged their allegience to the city's founder.


He is first mentioned in the piano device in the Salloon when Carnby inserts a coin in it. The Sheriff reappears when Carnby, reincarnated into a montain lion, tries to sneak past him, while being busy whipping a slave. The sheriff is also seen burying Carnby's human body, in the company of Jed Stone and Emily Hartwood. When he sees Carnby emerge from the grave, he cowardly runs away, dropping his Colt. He is not seen since. He also appears briefly in the start of the game when Carnby is about to cross the bridge.


When Carnby is reincarnated into a mountain lion, he must sneak past the sheriff, considering that Carnby is not able to stand a chance against him with his whip. Besides that, he is not encountered directly in battle.


it was shown in the piano vignette that Sherrif Dawson was loyal to Jed Stone and serves as the loyal sherrif to his town. However, he was a coward after seeing Carnby rise from the dead. If Carnby falls into the ravine near the entrance to the town, both Jed and Dawson would be seen together toasting glasses.

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