Smoking Room (1st Floor)
1st Floor Smoking Room
Location Derceto
Game(s) Alone in the Dark (1992)

The Smoking Room is a small room that can be accessed on the ground floor via the first door on the left side of the Foyer, as well as through the Dining Room. The room basically consists of a small table in the center with two small stools and a cabinet to the right upon entering through the Foyer. When the player enters the room for the first time, there is a cigar and ashtray on the table which creates smoke that drains health. The only way the main character is able to explore the room fully is by pouring water from the Jug onto the cigar, making the source of the smoke disappear. Afterwards, the smoke will take a few seconds to dissipate. The best way to get to the cigar with the least chance of being harmed is to enter the room via the dining room. On the table is also a Lighter and in the cabinet is a record (for use on the Gramophone) and the book Memories. The locked double doors in this room lead to Jeremy's Study.

The harmful effects of the smoke can be referenced in the book concerning the yankee soldiers who encountered Derceto and the reborn Ezechiel Pregzt.

Adjacent RoomsEdit