Location(s) Derceto: Various.
Game(s) Alone in the Dark (1992)

Spiders are enemies in Alone in the Dark (1992). There are three types: Small Spiders, the Giant Spider, and the Giant Spider-Rat.


Small Spider Edit

Six small spiders appear in the Forest Room, when the player retrieves the arrows from the statue of Artemis. These spiders are slow, but invincible.

Giant Spider Edit

A giant spider is hiding in a hole in a circular room of the Cthonian Tunnels. It emerges as the player approaches, and will attack if the player gets in range. There is no way to kill this enemy (citation needed).

The Giant Spider-Wolf Edit

Carnby pair
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Found in one of the stone rooms in the tunnels below Derceto, this monstrosity's origins are unknown. It is the only spider or rat enemy that can be defeated.


Avoid the first two types with quick backpedaling. The Cave monster is easily killed with either gun. Avoid approaching it.

Giant Spider image

Giant Spider underground


  • The spiders in the Forest Room only have six legs.

Alone in the Dark I

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