Knight Sword
Effects Used for combat
Game(s) Alone in the Dark (1992)
Alone in the Dark (2008)

The Sword is a weapon found in Alone in the Dark and in the 2008 game.

Alone in the Dark Edit

It is obtained after destroying the Animated Armor with the Very Heavy Statuette. Unlike the Old Cavalry Saber, the Knight's Sword doesn't break and can therefore be used continuously.

It is a very important weapon because it is the only (along with the saber) able to cause damage to the spectrum of Ezechiel Pregzt. It also represents the best choice among the melee weapons, having a very wide range of action that prevents the enemy from approaching too much before being struck.

Inferno Edit

Sword Inferno

The sword is a hand weapon present in PC versions, Xbox360 and PS3 Alone in the Dark. You can recover from the Central Park Museum at two locations: one in the living room where you will meet the first guard of the building, then after the battle with the Museum Monster will be necessary to recover the sword hanging on a wall to cut the hand of guard Matthew Brown in order to overcome the lock scanner. It is a very effective weapon melee with all the features of any other cutting weapon, but it cannot be caught on fire to permanently defeat the creatures of Lucifer.

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