Gender Male
Hair Red
Eyes Red
Race Undead
Location(s) Hell's kitchen, 2nd floor. Flying dutchman, storage room.
Game(s) Alone in the dark II

Tom Flaherty, also known as T-Bone, was a crewmember and culinary expert of the Flying Dutchman, alongside his two midget assistants known as The Cookies. He is the third boss in the game and is encounter in Hell's Kitchen's kitchen.


Tom Flaherty was born and raised in Inisfree, working in Donovan's in before eventually setting the inn on fire and running away. He travelled to China and spent time in Yen Tai where he met two sushi experts called the Cookies.

During 1724, he and the Cookies were imprisoned in Macao after attempting a robbery of Madame Jojo's gambling house, though they eventually escaped and were recruited by One Eyed Jack. T-Bone managed to antagonise the rest of the crew against the current cook, known as One-Arm, in order to replace him. With the following execution of the previous cook, T-Bone became the head chef and like the rest of his crew became immortal due to the pact made by Elizabeth Jarret.


T-Bone is first encountered in the kitchen of Hell's Kitchen, where he offers Carnby, the latter disguised in a Santa Claus costume, a plate of bacon and eggs which replenishes Carnby's health. Soon, Carnby attacks the chef when he was preparing the dumbwaiter, using the pan to defend himself from T-Bone's blowpipe. T-Bone then proceeds to attack with a frying pan, but he is eventually killed and collapses to the floor.

T-Bone (ingame)

T-bone in-game


He initially attacks with a blowpipe before he attacks with his frying pan. The best weapon to defeat T-Bone is the use of the frying pan, which is nearby and can be grabbed before the cook sees through the disguise. Besides attacking, it also blocks some of T-Bone darts. It is the best weapon to face him, but the thompson isn't good because you'll keep getting stunned by his darts.

The second encounter is in the Flying Dutchman ship. This time, you won't have any frying pan to block his darts, but having a coat mail will compensate. Just trap him into a wall and slash with your pirate sword.

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  • "Eat some, my friend! Do you know that wine may open many a door?"


  • Both of his assistants are butchers, while T-bone himself seems to be more than of a refined cook.
  • Unlike the other lieutenants, he doesn't change his appearance in the transition from Hell's Kitchen to the Flying Dutchman.

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