Text from the Magazine Science
Obed in science magazine
Source desk in Lucy's Room; desk in Obed's Study
Game(s) Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare

The Science magazine was a type of reading material that is located in Lucy Morton's bedroom. Another copy can be found in Obed Morton's Study.

Inscription Edit

Professor Morton's presentation
immediately triggered passionate
outbursts from the specialists present in the audience..

For several years, Obed Morton,
a world-renowned specialist in
the history of Native Americans,
has devoted himself to
researching all available data
about one tribe, the Abkanis, of
whom there is no living ancestral trace.

Until today, Professor Morton
has kept his research top secret.
All we know about this
research is that it received
considerable financial backing
from the Institute of Ethnology
in Boston, as well as a
significant slice of Obed
Morton's own legendary family

His research activity has been
monumental and it would take
too long to detail the
hypotheses and evidence laid
down by Obed Morton. The
thrust of the eminent
ethno-linguist's argument is
that, around 12,000 BC, the
Abkanis tribe conceived a highly
developed complex writing
system, through the combination
of signifying symbols. These
astounding findings challenge
not just our knowledge of
North-American Indian culture,
but also what we know about
the origins of languages
and writing.
Several specialists in
the field, present at this
historic conference, spoke out
immediately against the
professor's theories.

For our part, we will merely
state that a work of these
proportions is beyond the scope
of one man alone. All the same,
this is exactly what the
Professor Morton claims

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