The Bank Teller
Bank teller zombie
Gender Male
Hair None
Eyes Yellow
Race Undead
Location(s) Bank
Game(s) Alone in the Dark 3

The Bank Teller is an unique undead in Alone in the Dark 3.

He is found inside the bank vault and outside the Train Station of Slaughter Gulch.


Nothing is known about him, except that he was the local accountant when the town was inhabited.

Events of Alone in the Dark 3Edit

He's first seen when opening the safe, where he'll steal the Indian Amulet from Carnby, forcing him to kill the teller.

Upon being defeated, he disperses in a cloud of smoke. Despite his seeming demise, he returns at the trainstation after Carnby leaves out the back door, in order to steal the suitcase again. Howver, it can be prevented by blowing up the trainstation, killing the bank teller.


He does not attack Carnby. When close enough, he will block your melee attacks, but you can still kill with one or more blows, depending on the difficulty, or just kill him with one gun blast.


  • If the player doesn't blow the train station fast enough, he will run by and snatch the suitcase, completely blocking the player's progress in the game. So it is recommended that the player saves the game previously or keeps a faster pace while planting the explosives.

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