The Cookies
Cookie Hell's Kitchen
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Race Undead
Location(s) Hell's Kitchen: Shooting gallery, Ground Foyer.

Flying dutchman: Kitchen.

Game(s) Alone in the dark II

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The Cookies are a duo of twin cooks that look like miniature version of their supervisor, T-Bone. They wield butcher knives in combat.

Background Edit

Cookie lobby

During T-Bone's travelling in China, he meets and befriends them at Yent'ai, who were experts in sushi. Both of the little cooks are fond of gold. After an explosive evasion from the Macao penal colony, T-Bone as well as his two friends were hired by One-Eye Jack. He became the new cook after the previous cook, the one armed bandit, displeased the Captain. It was said that T-Bone had a hand in putting the blame on him. With the execution of the previous cook, T-Bone becomes the head chef and like the rest of his crew became immortal due to the pact made by Elizabeth Jarret.

Involvement Edit

They are T-bone's assistants. Carnbyonly first encounters only one of the two who is wandering around the Ground Foyer.

The second encounter is in the Flying Dutchman, both of them are found in the same room, the kitchen.

Strategy Edit

The first cookie you encounter is in pyjamas. Hand him some whiskey and he'll hand you a bag with a santa claus costume. The second one is wandering arround the Ground Foyer, if you wear the santa claus suit, he won't notice you. Then, you must lure the trident to him, should be easy. If you're having troubles, just go near the trident statue, run and go upstairs then get back down and stay behind him.

The second encounter is where they catch Grace and a pirate escorts her back to Carnby. If you have the key, he will be released, and you'll now play as Carnby.

The third encounter is in 2nd level hallway. They're both in the same room, waiting to kill you. The best strategy is simply use a sword, about two hits are enough to dispatch them. Be careful to not get swarmed though.

Trivia Edit

  • The santa claus disguise only affects them and T-bone
  • Strangely, the first time you meet a cookie, he seems taller than usual.

Quotes Edit

  • So, you're lost, little girl? - the Cookies upon seeing Grace Saunders
  • Help! Help me!- when one sees carnby when he is not in the Santa costume, or if he is attacked when Carnby attacks him.
Cookie upclose

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