The Gates of Hell
Genre Online Arcade Shooter
Modes Single player
Ports PC (Internet-based)

The Gates of Hell is a flash game based off the first Alone in the Dark movie and is still available on the Alone in the Dark interactive website.

Gameplay Edit

The player has a first person view and a radar that indicates the vicinity of nearby Xenos and items that can be picked up. The game has 5 waves. The game features heavy metal rock music in the background.

Plot Edit

Carnby goes on an assault on the "Gates of Hell" to fight a non-stop attack by demonic creatures guarding the portal. Armed with only a pistol and a flashlight, Carnby enters the dark cavern leading to the entrance of Hell.

Trivia Edit

  • The game begins with a part of the last scene in the movie.
  • During gameplay, the silhouettes of Edward and Aline can be seen in the background.
  • Despite the protagonist being Edward Carnby, the museum guard from the movie is seen being killed in the Game Over cutscene.
  • Edward Carnby's last name is mispelled as "Carby" in the game's synopsis.

Links Edit

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