Mystery examiner

A page of the Mystery Examiner, with the page of jeremy Hartwood's suicide,

The Mystery Examiner was a fictional newspaper that came with the first edition (which was available on floppy disk) of the game in Italy. The newspaper was fully translated in Italian and also came with a book containing anti-piracy protection to be inserted during the beginning of the game. It was absent in the second and third edition of the game, being instead replaced by Jack In The Dark.

In the reading material, it shows the suicide of Jeremy Hartwood was August 25, 1924.

Contents Edit

  • in-game account of Jeremy hartwood's suicide
  • profile on HP Lovecraft.

Trivia Edit

  • There is some discrepancy with the date of Jeremy Hartwood's suicide. Whilst the magazine says it was 25, 1924, Jeremy's Notebook (read in the game) indicated that it happened on March 31, 1925. People tend to regard the events of Alone in the Dark prior to 1925 because its sequel game was set in December 1924.

-The title of the journal attached to the version of the game box, the Mystery Examiner , has a serious English spelling mistake: there is written, in fact, "Mystery Examiner". That error is not present in the editions for countries in English, and will be corrected in the editions of the magazine published by Alone in the dark 2 and 3 .

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