A message from one eyed jack

The message, as it appears ingame.

The message from One Eyed Jack is a message found within the Graveyard in Alone in the Dark 3, wrote possibly by One Eyed Jack himself.

Upon entering the O.E.J gravestone lift, Edward Carnby finds a message. Upon reading, it says: "I'll be back!"

It is unknown whether One Eyed Jack is still alive after his defeated against Carnby in the previous game, nor if he wrote the note himself.

  • If One Eyed Jack is alive, this may be due to him not being killed twice. In Alone in the Dark 2, in order to fully kill the bosses, the player must tear their pacts and kill their physical form. They are killed once in Hell's Kitchen and again in the Flying Dutchman. However, Jack has been killed only once, in the Flying Dutchman.
  • On the other hand, as Elizabeth Jarret held One Eyed Jack's pact, her death could mean tearing the pact with him, so he may be permanently dead and the message is fake, being written by Jed Stone or someone else to scare Carnby. Also, as the message is written in an old paper, it is possible that Jack was considered dead before and wrote the note before his actual death, leaving it in the tomb as a warning.


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