A message from one eyed jack

The message, as it appears ingame.

The message from One Eyed Jack is a message found within the Graveyard, wrote possibly by One Eyed Jack himself.

Upon entering the O.E.J gravestone lift, you receive the message. Upon reading, it says: "I'll be back!"


Charles Fiske's Notebook
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  • This is obviously a quote from the movie: The Terminator, from the 1984.
  • It is unknown whether One Eye Jack is still alive after having been defeated by Carnby in the previous game.
  • One Eyed Jack is probably alive, since he has to be killed two times. In Alone in the Dark II, in order to fully kill the bosses, either you tear their pacts or kill their physical form. This must be done two times. One in the mansion and the other in the ship. However, Jack has been killed only once, in the ship. So this means, he can be alive.
  • on the other hand, this could be possibly written by Jed Stone to scare Carnby. Because Elizabeth Jarret held his pact and her death could mean tearing One Eyed Jack pact. Maybe One Eyed Jack is permanently dead and the message is fake.

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