Theodore 'Ted' Carnby
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Gender Male
Hair Dark Brown
Eyes Green
Status Alive
Race Caucasian
Location(s) Lorwich, Virginia
Relations Edward Carnby (Ancestor)
Game(s) Alone in the Dark: Illumination

Theodore 'Ted' Carnby, a.k.a. The Hunter is the alleged grandson of Edward Carnby and one of the playable protagonists of the spin-off video game Alone in the Dark: Illumination. Although believed to be his descendant, with his own backstory and early career, "Theodore" is loosely implied to in-fact be Edward himself, living and hunting anonymously under an assumed name, kept alive and well from the events of 2008's Alone in the Dark.

Like his ancestor, Ted is a private investigator who specializes in paranormal cases involving the supernatural or the occult. He has a background as both a police officer and soldier, and thus carries specialized firearms during in-the-field cases where he very often encounters malignant otherworldly creatures, effectively making him a monster hunter as well.

Background Edit

As a direct descendant of Edward Carnby, a hero of the original Alone in the Dark, the Hunter grew up enthralled by the adventures of the “Supernatural Private Eye.” He knew every detail of every case, including the notes of the strange creatures encountered. His grandfather was his mentor and as such the Hunter vowed that he too would help rid the world of the evil Darkness.

Alone in the Dark: IlluminationEdit

A year ago, the Deluge Multinational Company, under the direction of the billionaire CEO Mitch Preston, purchased and re-opened the defunct Lorwich coal mine. Ever since, accidents and animal attacks had leaked out from the township. Then, all of a sudden, Lorwich went completely quiet, with no communication in or out; all those sent to investigate never returned.

Carnby's new client wanted to know why, so he requested Carnby to rendezvous with one of his employees, a Contact, waiting for him inside the town, by the coal mine. The Client insisted that the Contact had valuable information that would help Carnby get to the bottom of the Lorwich mystery.

However, as Carnby sets foot in the train station that would lead him to his rendezvous point, his indifference shifted to vigilance.

Primary Weapons and AbilitiesEdit

  • Pistol
  • Automatic rifle
  • Single shot hunting rifle (formerly AK47)
  • Flamethrower
  • SMG/P90 (Flamethrower attachment)

Appearance Edit

  • Theodore bears a noticeably strong resemblance to his late ancestor, as mentioned in several of the narrative dialogue.
  • He featured the similar hair style to the Edward Carnby in the 2008 game.

Gallery Edit


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