AITD2 Thompson
Type weapon
Game(s) Alone in the Dark II

The Thompson was a machine gun that was a common weapon used by the Pirate Gangsters, who are under the leadership of One Eye Jack, who resides in Hell's Kitchen. Loading-clips replenish the ammo of this weapon.

Description Edit

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Carnby can first pick up and use the Thompson gun after defeating the Pirate Gatekeeper in the beginning of the game.

After falling in the underground tunnel below the hedge maze statue, the gun is one of the many items that gets lost in the ravine. Carnby can then aquire another tommy gun after getting into the mansion and entering the dormatory room. The Thoommy gun will eventually become jammed straight after Carnby defeats Black Hat up the stairs.

Even though the Tomy gun from before is unable to be used, Carnby can get another Thompson from a chest on the third floor.

Carnby can also pick up a Thompson on the Flying Dutchman, but is useless against the enemies there, because the pirates can only be killed by the weapons that came from their time.


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