Railway Station
Railroad station interior001
Location Slaughter Gulch
Game(s) Alone in the Dark 3

Railway Station was an building in Slaughter Gulch.

It was one of the additions to the town after Hutchinsen gave the founder an idea for aquiring more of the radioactive mineral in the mountains nearby. in the present, it was still unfinished.

The station itself consisted of none large room with exposed rafter.

Railroad station interior000

AITD 3Edit

The Station master inhabits the rafters of the station, where he is free from being harmed. He is also able to summon 2 deputies at a time with his whistle. He can be stopped by puching at the railword sign this knocking the paint tin on top of it, and messing the sign, making him sit down and sob. He also drops a key in the process.

When leaving the station building via the back down, the previously defeated Bank teller will teleport inside the structure and would plan to run and grab the suitcase again. However, that can be prevented by blowing up the railway station, defeating the banker once and for all.

Train station wrecked