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Gender Male
Status Undead
Race Undead
Location(s) Slaughter Gulch

The Undead are a multitude of enemies that serve Jed Stone to stop/kill Edward Carnby in Alone in the Dark 3. They are different from the Mutants that would later appear in the game, and are usually armed. When defeated, they turn into a feline-like animal, a bat or a smoke cloud. There are only two undead in the whole game that are not agressive towards Carnby.


Most of the undead are workers and outlaws that lived in Slaughter Gulch. Supposedly, the first undead to be seen around town were the prospectors, according to Emily's Diary, that states that Billy Silver was being stalked by these ghosts.

Trivia Edit

  • If the player kills McCarthy, he will get stuck in his store, making it impossible to proceed. The only solution for this is loading a previous save file.


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