Ward Dexter
Gender Male
Movie(s) Alone in the Dark II

Ward Dexter was the father of Dexter and grandfather to Natalie Dexter. He was the one who hunted the witch down, and in doing so brought a curse upon his family.

Biography Edit

Grandfather Dexter was the leader of a cult of witch hunters, which included Abner Lundberg, who was considered his favourite.

During his friendship with Abner Lundberg, he told Abner things that he never told to anyone, including his own son.

unknown to everyone associated with him, with the exception of Abner, he eventaully became corrupted and became obsessed with the occult wishing for the secrets of eternal life.

As revealed by Abner, Natalie's grandfather fought for the witch and became obsessed with the occult. He intended to use his daughter in law, Natalie's mother, as a new vessel for the witch, in order to learn of her secrets.

Many years ago, he hunted a witch named Elizabeth Dexter within her own lab, tied up to a rock, torturing her to get the location of the dagger. When she died, he dug a grave for her in an area within Central park itself, although it was widely beleived that she was buried in her own lab. Despite that, Elizabeth did not die and began to seek out his family in an act of revenge.

Ward Dexter was buried alive inside the witch's lab, leaving a note with an encoded message on his corpse, which was found by Edward and Natalie.

Carnby saw him in his hallucinations whilst he was suffering from the witches curse, staring at Carnby and asking "who are you?", he bradished a knife asking where is the dagger.

Personality Edit

When he began working for the Witch, he had no qualms about sacrificing the life of his daughter in law (and also perhaps her granddaughter) to gain the secret of immortality.

Trivia Edit

  • Backwards, his name is an allusion to Dexter Ward, a character in the H.P. Lovecraft sotyr, The Case of Charles Dexter Ward, who dabbled in forbidden crafts and necromancy.

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